Ethereum cryptocurrency diagram


Most online casinos now offer crypto as a form of payment, having seen the popularity of these monies. There is no denying that the entry of these currencies has had a positive impact on several industries, including gaming.

Holders of these monies not only enjoy privacy, but they also benefit from fast payments, low transaction fees, generous bonuses, and anonymity.

However, before using ethereum or any other crypto to make a wager, you should be aware of the following likely disadvantages.


This con might seem off given how much people trust the processes involved in the making and distribution of crypto. The decentralization of the system ensures that hackers cannot target a single point in the build.

That works in protecting ethereum as a whole but does not apply to players using ether in online sites. What most people will not tell you is that once you have your coins in a gaming platform, the likelihood of hacking increases.

People can get into your account and take away your money, leaving you with no means of tracing it.

Did you know that it is impossible to trace back crypto? For this reason, many fraudsters and scammers have come up, targeting those who use such currencies to make wagers.

Withdrawal terms

Before registering an account on any online casino, you should go through their withdrawal terms. Many crypto users place bets on sites hoping to make some money and cash out as soon as they can. If they are lucky, they end up making a profit.

The problem comes in when they try to make a withdrawal. It is then that they find that they have not reached the minimum wage requirements. That means that they have to keep playing, hoping that they will be lucky once again if they ever wish to get hold of their earnings.

You can avoid such a situation by being aware of what terms will apply to you when the time comes to make a withdrawal.

Unfair gaming

When joining any site, players hope that they can make the most out of it by enjoying fair gaming. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, especially where crypto is involved.

You find that even casinos with proper licensing may have some scams in place which get in the way of these benefits. It helps to read reviews and understand what you might be getting yourself into by signing up on a given platform.

Value changes

Fiat currency is easy to estimate when it comes to value. This currency tends to be pretty stable such that you can determine what you will get when exchanging $1 for a British pound.

Crypto cannot offer you the certainty, and the situation changes by the day, making this investment more expensive than conventional currencies. You may have placed a given amount on a wager, and by the time you cash out, you have lost money due to a change in the value of the crypto.

It can also go the other way, in that you end up making double the profit you expected. The lack of clarity on what could happen in the future makes the use of crypto best for people who are willing to take a risk.


The disadvantages that stem from the use of crypto have resulted in many countries not accepting it as a form of payment. That means that you will be transacting in a currency that your country does not recognize.

And this comes with some disadvantages in that you will have a hard time raising this issue if anything were to go wrong. Even currencies such as ethereum, which have been existent for a while, have this issue.


Not many people understand the working of cryptocurrencies, and this creates some aversion in the market.

For a casino operator, it will not be wise to have crypto as the only form of payment in the current atmosphere. Some people are skeptical as to how it works and would prefer to stick to a traditional means of payment.

You would not want to lose these clients by embracing something for which they might not be ready. The same goes for players. As much as you may want to play using crypto, not many sites offer such an option.

You might have to branch out to those which have traditional payment methods, as much as you might not be for the idea.

No refunds

With other kinds of money, you can go back on your decision and ask for a chargeback or a refund. You cannot do that with crypto as there is no standard policy that can facilitate this. The possibility of losing your money is thus high.

While these disadvantages may discourage you from using crypto, the key lies in understanding that all monies have some downsides.

As long as you choose an online site that is safe and reliable, you should be free of such problems. It thus comes down to you conducting sufficient research before registering an account on any online site.